Friday, October 8, 2010


Indonesia is rich in cultural treasures which includes a variety of musical instruments and a wide variety of local arts. one of them is BEREGUH.
Bereguh is the instrument / wind instrument traditionally made from buffalo horn. This instrument is generally not used for playing music, but used as a means of communication between two or more persons who are located far apart, usually in the forest. With the blow, another group can estimate the existence and distance of people who blow the instrument. How to use bereguh order to produce sound is by blowing on the tip of the instrument is tapered and curved, but the range of tones that can be produced by musical instruments are generally limited and depends strongly on the techniques used in the play blower.

Bereguh is a traditional musical instrument native Acehnese. Use of these instruments are spread throughout the region of Aceh, especially in Aceh Besar, Pidie, North Aceh. In the past, these instruments are generally used as the equipment used in hunting. Although not directly used for hunting, bereguh is a medium that is used to communicate between fellow hunter, or to ask for help when lost in the woods.

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