Thursday, December 23, 2010

Carok From Madura

One of the customs of the region is carok Madura, related to the previous post about sickle (Traditional Weapons Madura). Carok is a tradition of murder due to certain reasons associated with self-esteem and then followed by inter-group or inter-clan with using a weapon (usually celurit). There are no official regulations in this fight because carok an act that is considered negative and the criminal and illegal. This is how the Madurese in maintaining self-esteem and "out "of problems that complicated.

Usually, "carok" is the last way that the travel by the Madurese community in solving a problem. Carok usually happens when it comes to issues involving honor / pride for the people of Madura (largely due to infidelity and dignity / honor the family)

Many consider carok is a heinous act and contrary to religious teachings Madurese own though steeped in Islamic religion in general but, individually, many still hold the tradition carok.

The word itself comes from carok Madurese language which means 'fight with honor'.


  1. mantab bener nih postingan sob...untuk mempertahankan harga diri dibayar darah.

  2. @Rendra-sangir : Iya bos, cuma kayanya traidis harus dihilangkan deh.terlalu sadis