Monday, December 20, 2010

Rencong Aceh

One of the Indonesian traditional weapon is Rencong, Rencong (Bahasa Aceh: reuncong) is a traditional Acehnese dagger sharp weapons, on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia shaped like the letter "L". Rencong including a dagger in a different category with a knife or sword. This is a weapon Rencong natural pride and join the people of Aceh to participate in the colonization resistance in Aceh.

Rencong similar way as with a dagger. Rencong long blade can vary from 10 cm to 50 cm. Matau blade can be curved like a dagger, but in many rencong, can also be straight like a sword. Rencong inserted into the sheath knife made of wood, ivory, horn, or sometimes silver or gold metal. In nature, rencong inserted between the belt in front of the user's abdomen.

Dagger rencong kingdom, made of gold and ivory sheath with a blade carved verses of the Koran.

Rencong have levels; to the king or sultan sheath usually made of ivory and the blade of gold and berukirkan sekutip verses from the Koran the holy religion of Islam. While other rencong rencong-usually made of buffalo horn or wood as a sheath, and brass or white metal as a dagger.

As confidence in the Javanese kris, traditional Acehnese community connects with the mystical power of weapons Rencong. Rencong still used and worn as a fashion attribute in the traditional ceremonies of Aceh. The Acehnese people believe that the form of rencong represent symbols of basmalah of Islamic religious beliefs.

Rencong so popular in the people of Aceh so that Aceh is also known as the "Land of Rencong".


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