Thursday, December 23, 2010

Clurit From Madura

By the way we came to Madura, in addition to its delicious satay madura also exist in the traditional weapons that are well known everywhere. Sickle, celurit or Crescent is a farming tool in the form of a curved blade resembling a crescent moon. Despite having the same shape; in sickle language tends to be agricultural equipment, while the sickle is referring to the sharp weapon.
Sickle is also a typical weapon of the Madurese, Indonesia and is commonly used as a weapon carok. This weapon is legendary as a weapon commonly used by a character named Sakera. Madurese community will "fill" with khodam celurit prayer by reading prayers before doing carok.


  1. keren sob..ternyata indonesia memang meiliki keanekaragaman di segala bidang.
    keep post sob..

  2. @Rendra Sangir : mari kita terus promosikan keanekaragaman indonesia ke mata dunia ^_^

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