Monday, December 20, 2010

Piso Surit From Indonesia

Well .... now we are talking about a wide range of traditional weapons from Indonesia, one of which is PisoSurit. Piso in karo language actually means a knife and a lot of people thought that Piso Surit is the name of karo typical kind of knife. Actually Piso Surit is the name of a type of bird who likes to sing. Birdsong is heard carefully if it seems someone is calling and sounded very sad.

Piso Surit dance is dance that portrays a girl who was waiting for the arrival of her lover. The waiting is very long and sad and depicted as a bird Surit Piso who was calling.

Created By Song Piso Surit Depari keepers of one community leader as well karo national composer in the old order.


  1. tajam ga neh??????

  2. @Anymous : Tajam kalo diasah bos,,silahkan dicoba ^_^