Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mandau From Kalimantan

From the island of Borneo we can see the natural beauty that is very enticing and spoil the eye, besides having a variety of tourist places kalimantan also have the traditional weapons of "saber". Saber is a sharp weapon like a machete comes from Kalimantan Dayak culture. Saber is one of Indonesia's traditional weapons. Unlike charcoal, saber has a carving - carving on the blade is not sharp. Often also found additional holes in the blade is covered with a brass or copper with a view to beautify the saber blades.Kumpang
Kumpang is sarong saber blades. Kumpang made of wood, covered with deer antlers, and usually decorated with carvings. In kumpang saber given tempuser Act, namely made of woven ties uei (rattan). Also on kumpang also bound sort of leather bag containing the knife penyerut wood and ivory wood are believed to resist the beast. Saber is tersarungkan in kumpang usually tied around the waist with braided rattan.Threshold
Threshold is the designation for the saber made of ordinary steel. Often used as a souvenir. Lay people or people who are not accustomed to seeing or even holding the saber will be difficult to distinguish between saber with a threshold because when viewed by naked eye are both almost the same. However, both are very different. But if we look in more detail it will show very striking differences, namely the saber are carved or inlaid with gold, copper, or silver and saber more powerful and flexible, because the saber made of volcanic rock that contains iron and processed by an expert. While the threshold is only made of ordinary steel.Raw materials and price
According to the literature of one of the museum, raw materials are iron saber (sanaman) mantikei contained in Matikei River, tumbles Atei Village, District Sanaman Matikei, Samba, East Kotawaringin. This iron is flexible, so easy to be bent. Saber original price starts from Rp. 1 million dollars. Saber-old native old and has a robust metal prices could reach Rp. 20 million rupiah per bar. The raw materials used to manufacture saber can also use iron per car, chainsaw blades, discs other vehicles and iron rods. Working tool that is used primarily is a hammer, betel, and pointed to pierce the iron sebasang saber for garnish. Also used electric-powered air blower to illuminate the flame ironwood waste uses to heat the iron. Ironwood was chosen because it can generate more heat than other wood.
Saber to cideramata usually wooden-handled, prices range from Rp. 50,000 to Rp. 300 000 depending on the iron used. Saber has the original buffer, buffer is a collection of science-Dayak collection obtained from the results of an ascetic or instructions lelulur used for war. Buffer will make people who hold the saber powerful, strong and invulnerable in the face of the enemy. saber and the buffer is a unity that can not be separated out for generations of ancestors.


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