Saturday, December 25, 2010

Kujang From Indonesia

Directions to the west of Java we will see weapons daera tardisonal the unit from western Java in the KUJANG. Kujang began to be made around the 8th century or  9, made of iron, steel and prestige material, length approximately 20 to 25 cm and weighs about 300 grams.

Kujang is a tool that reflects the critical acumen and power in life also symbolizes strength and courage to protect the rights and truth. Is characteristic, both as weapons, farm tools, symbol, decoration, or souvenirs.

In ancient times this tool is only used by certain groups (the nobility), namely the king, King anom, class pangiwa, panengen, clerical group, the princess and certain women's groups, and the kokolot.

In Discourse and Culture Khasanah Nusantara, Kujang society is recognized as a traditional weapon of West Java (Sunda) and Kujangknown a weapon that has a sacred value and to have magical powers . Some researchers claim that the term comes from the word Kujang Kudihyang with root words and Hyang Kudi. Kujang (also) comes from the word Ujang, which means human or Manusa. Humans are powerful as King Siliwangi. The perfect human being before God and have a high degree Ma'rifat. No wonder ageman (religion) became icons Kujang King Siliwangi. As the King is not invincible.


  1. harus di lestarikan nih sebagai warisan asli Indonesia :)

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